5+ Best Employee Monitoring Software Reviewed!!


The importance of employee tracking software is increasing day by day. No matter what kind of business you own or operate, supervision and monitoring is extremely important.

Check out the list of the following 5 best employee monitoring software:

Best Employee Monitoring Software

  1. Teramind

Teramind is one of the best employee monitoring software you will ever fine. This is so because it comes with an easy and effective user interface. The functionality of the software is highly advanced as compared to the other software of the same category.

Its powerful automation and other features are what made the software famous amongst the rest. As such, there have not been spotted any cons of Teramind, but some users claim that the depth of functionality often becomes a cause of complications in using the software.

  1. ActivTrack

The best feature of ActivTrack is that it is one of the most affordable of all the employee monitoring software. Apart from the fact that it fits in the budget of many, ActivTrack is also excellent when it comes to its privacy features.

Having an effective directory integration and as easy to use interface, the admirers of ActivTrack have been increasing day by day. Features like sensitive data redaction and Google sign in have made this software to stand out from the others.

  1. VeriClock

This is yet another software for employee monitoring which is affordably priced, having the cost of $5 per user per month. When it comes to the settings options, the users are greeted with almost a countless, making the process of monitoring personalized.

The user interface is easy to use and operate, avoiding the chances of possible disrupt actions. One drawback of this employee work monitoring software is that it is unable to set time in the future. Also, storage issues have been reported by many users.

  1. InterGuard

If you are looking for a software which is capable of being highly customized, then InterGuard is the right choice for you. It has numerous options, features and other add-on modules which help you to personalize your monitoring as per your desire.

Features like keyword alert, keystroke logging, file tracking, etc., make the software different from the other employee monitoring software.

While you get many customizing features with InterGuard, there exist some problems which cause disturbances in the whole monitoring process. These include a delayed sync and compatibility issues. Apart from these two factors, the reviews of InterGuard have been pretty satisfactory. If even after using this software, the productivity of your employees doesn’t increase, then it’s time to write some employee write up form.

  1. HubStaff

HubStaff offers all the functions which you need in order to see how your employees are managing their time at work. The features of this software include an easy to use interface as well schedule shifts for the employees.

Functions like keystroke and screen-grab monitoring work excellently to render all your monitoring needs. Adding time to the timesheets of employees is made easy with the simple interface of Hubstaff.

Although, these are some undeniably great pros of the software, but advanced tracking and monitoring does not form a part of Hubstaff. So if you are looking for some deep insights, then you should pick some other employee tracking software.

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